this is your Time

We want our people to be successful in their careers and in their lives. We work hard to create a caring and supportive environment designed to encourage and retain talented people.

Let's face it, you didn't choose the law because you were looking for an ordinary 9-5 job. You chose it for the excitement, challenge and opportunity that comes with working on important issues for interesting clients. And sometimes, that means working outside standard business hours if an urgent matter requires it. We are committed to delivering exceptional service for our clients so we are there when they need us.

We also understand the need to balance work with commitments outside the office. So we provide our lawyers with the support and resources they need to create this balance. 

We encourage our staff to pursue their passions and interests outside of work because it makes them more passionate and interesting at work. Happy, healthy people create a vibrant and inspiring workplace.

A lot of people, including partners from other firms said “I wish I could do that,” and my response was “Why can’t you do that?

Brad Husband, Partner, Melbourne

Flexibility is part of a new way of working

Corrs has a progressive approach to the way we work together. All of our innovative offices are great examples. We have torn down the traditional office walls and created dynamic, open work spaces in which our people can work together and learn from each other more effectively.

Our approach to flexible work arrangements is another example of innovation. Many of our people take advantage of alternative work arrangements for family, lifestyle or study reasons.

While flexible work arrangements may not be on your radar right now, it's important to know that our approach to flexibility is part of our bigger commitment to understanding and accommodating the individual needs of our people.

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