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From working alongside some of the best lawyers in the country to studying at prestigious international institutions, Corrs offers market leading opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our commitment to learning and development is real and ongoing. It starts at graduate level and continues right though to partnership. At Corrs, learning never stops, nor does our commitment to developing world class lawyers.

Graduate development program

Your legal career starts with our Graduate Development Program. This 16 month program sets the foundation for excellence with on-the-job training, structured learning, valuable mentoring and regular feedback. Through this rich, exciting and engaging learning experience we accelerate your growth and help you become a world class lawyer.

The First 16 Months

The Graduate Development Program sets the foundation for building world class lawyers. It provides a rich, engaging learning experience that accelerates your growth.

  • Structured learning
    • Graduate Academy
    • Orientation
    • PLT Program (College of the Law)
    • Graduate Induction Training 
    • Graduate Academy

      You’ll start your career at the Corrs Graduate Academy - our unique three day learning program held nationally every year. You will learn about Corrs, where we are headed and the business of running a law firm. You will hear from clients, past graduates, senior lawyers and partners who will share their expertise, insights and experiences. As well as getting to know your fellow graduates, you’ll also enjoy core skills training on clear legal writing, effective teaming and problem solving.

    • Orientation

      To perform at your best at Corrs, you need to understand how our systems and processes work. During Orientation you’ll receive special training in how our technology and administrative systems operate, where our precedents and style guides are housed and how to use them, as well as the important resources you’ll find in our Knowledge Centre.

    • PLT Program (College of the Law)

      To be admitted as a lawyer in Australia, you need to complete a Practical Legal Training (PLT) program. The College of the Law runs our in-house program which involves a variety of online coursework, face-to-face workshops and work experience covering fundamental lawyers’ skills, understanding work and time management, business skills and ethics. This program helps you to develop the skills you need to hit the ground running once you’re qualified.

    • Graduate Induction Program

      Corrs practises in a number of areas of law and each practice group has specific processes and skills requirements. We run Graduate Induction Training in each practice group to ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective lawyer

  • Practical experiences
    • One six-month rotation
    • Two five-month rotations
    • Work shadowing
    • Practice Group Rotations

      We want you to develop the skills and understanding of what it takes to become a lawyer, sooner. So we offer our graduates real, hands-on experience through practice group rotations. This gives you the chance to work for a variety of partners and lawyers and explore different areas of law. You will complete one, six-month rotation and two five-month rotations within the firm’s transactions and disputes focused practice groups to get the exposure you need to determine the areas of law that interest and inspire you.

    • Work shadowing

      One of the best ways to understand the business of being a lawyer is by observing other lawyers at work. Through our work shadowing program you’ll get exposure to our senior lawyers, learning about the work they do and their clients by following in their footsteps. By watching these experts at work in meetings, on conference calls and even in court appearances, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the daily life of a lawyer and develop critical skills such as negotiating in tricky situations and solving client problems.

  • Mentoring and Feedback
    • Partners
      Graduate Mentors
    • People & Performance Consultants and the Learning & Development team
    • Partners, Graduate Mentors, Buddies

      An important part of your graduate experience is the support and feedback you’ll receive from the partners and lawyers you work with.

      This includes the partners you report to within each practice group, a more junior lawyer known as your Buddy – usually someone who’s recently experienced our Graduate Development Program - and a more senior lawyer known as your Graduate Mentor. Your Graduate Mentor plays an important role in helping you to understand how the practice group works and how to get work, and to make sure you receive regular feedback on your performance and feel supported to develop the skills and knowledge you need to become the best lawyer possible.

    • People & Performance and the Learning & Development team

      Our People & Performance and Learning & Development teams play a vital role in supporting our graduates to learn and develop their skills. They work closely with Graduate Mentors to review your performance and the feedback you’ve provided and received to make sure you’re getting access to the best experiences and development opportunities in your graduate year.

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