recognising real value

We know you're considering a number of law firms and in making your choice you will be considering a range of factors, including what you'll be paid. That's why we pay our lawyers some of the best salaries in the market. We want to tick that box so you can focus on what really counts. At Corrs, what you are paid is just one part of our total approach to rewarding talent and performance.

We're interested in people who'll bring something different and special, who'll help us continue to differentiate ourselves as a premium independent law firm. Usually, we've found that sort of person loves the idea of adventure as much what they're paid. They're excited by the life changing experiences of working and living overseas that money can't buy. And they value the unique learning opportunities we provide because they see the enduring value of acquiring skills that will keep them in demand professionally for life.

At Corrs, what we pay you is only the beginning.

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